Harry H is working on the Studio to refine setups and recipes for making product or training videos/photos, live streaming, podcasts etc.

As part of that, last night all the bits for a seamless backdrop setup finally arrived! (via a mis-delivery to mill road!)

With a little help from his friends, the mounts were put in place to hold up to 3 backdrops at a time in the classroom – they can be individually rolled up and down using a chain, and swapped for different colours (we have 6 atm – black, white, orange, blue, purple, and a chroma-green that can also be used for green screen work)

These are seamless backgrounds, so they can be pulled down for just a backdrop, or out on to a table or on the floor for a big swoop continuous background. If they get too dirty, a section can be cut off. And they can be rolled up out the way, so the whiteboards can be accessed as normal.

Harry is going to be making his own podcasts and testing different setups, and is willing to help anyone else who wants to try using the kit.

So if you want to experiment with making a product video, live-stream, podcast or some form of photography, email studio@makespace.org and arrange to have a go!

Seamless Backdrops Installed!

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