Makespace is a community workshop in the heart of Cambridge.

Equipment ranges from sewing machines and crafting tools to 3D printers, laser cutters to CNC routers, microscopes to woodworking. The space and equipment are available 24/7 to paying members, and runs based on all the amazing volunteer effort these members put in!

Our response to COVID-19

Makespace members did some amazing work to help respond to the pandemic. Read more about Makespace Covid-19 Status and Response Activities, including the Makespace Visor and Makespace Mask Kit projects, on our Covid-19 page. A big thanks to all the volunteers undertaking the activities, and Arm, TTP and Amazon for sponsoring to help us cover the costs. Read more here.

A little bit more about us…

Each year we host hundreds of events, training sessions, talks, and subject specific meet-ups, all with a collaborative spirit. The broad scope of people at Makespace sees great friendships and successful business ventures grow.

The foundation of our community is peer to peer exchange of skills and experience and a hub of business, technology and design expertise. Members pay to get access to and support the upkeep of the space, but then learn from each other. No matter the reason you come to Makespace, there will be like-minded people; try something new, create something different and become part of our extensive network.  

Here is a short Makespace Introduction video made at one of our birthday parties:

Who is it for?

Our members join for personal and business reasons and include engineers, designers, artists, scientists, educators, hobbyists, DIYers, market traders, entrepreneurs and more. The Makespace equipment and community is invaluable in taking ideas forward.

You can see some videos of members projects, talks and events on our YouTube page, along with some of our training videos:

How does it work?

Members pay a monthly fee of £40 to get 24/7 access to the space and equipment. Members can then use any of the equipment for free. We do also hold certain open events that anyone can attend.

For further details on how to get a guided tour of Makespace, and to consider whether you may want to become a member, see how-to-join.

About Makespace Cambridge Ltd

Makespace is a volunteer run organisation. All operating expenses are met from our membership subscriptions, and the space is run by members volunteering their time and skills.