Welcome to Makespace

Makespace is a 4000 sq.ft community workshop in the center of Cambridge for creating things, working on projects, meeting people and sharing skills. We have a wide range of equipment from lathes to laser cutters, 3d printers to sewing machines, and a classroom for workshops and presentations. The space is open 24/7 for our members.

Who is it for ?

Our members join for personal and business reasons and include engineers, designers, artists, educators, hobbyists, DIYers, market traders, entrepreneurs and more. The Makespace equipment and community is invaluable in taking ideas forward.

How do I join ?

You will need to come to see the space. Head over to the how-to-join page for further details on how it all works.

About Makespace Cambridge Ltd

Makespace is a volunteer run organisation. All operating expenses are met from our membership subscriptions, and the space is run by members volunteering their time and skills.