Training requirements are grouped by risk of injury to the person using the equipment and others in Makespace. The are three categories Green, Organge and Red. 

GREENLow risk of personal injuryNo formal safety training offered.
ORANGELow to moderate risk of personal injuryTraining optional, but you must feel confident in the use of the device and must have read the related wiki page and equipment instructions.
REDHigh risk of personal injury or moderate or higher risk of damage to equipment from untrained useNOT TO BE USED unless you have passed the induction training for this equipment.
You can start your training on Red equipment here.  

Practical demo and safety trainings can be found on our Meetup Group. Most of these will be available after you have completed the online portion of the Red Equipment Training.

Click here to start your training

Upcoming Practical Training (for those having passed online training)