We’d love you to join. Here’s how:

1. See the Space

Come to one of our ‘See the Space’ events. These happen once a week and are listed on the Makespace meetup events. This is a 25 minute tour of the facilities where you can see what we do ask any questions you have about MakeSpace and how it works. You can always email us at ‘info <at> makespace.org’ afterwards if there are any things you forgot at the event or think to ask later.

2. Membership Induction

Once you have seen the space and have decided that you would like to join, you will need to come to a ‘Membership Induction’ event. You will also find them listed at Makespace meetup events. At this you will be working through the requirements to join as a full member. It should take about 2 hrs.

We will need to see two documents:

  • #1 – Government issued photo ID
  • #2 – Address verification

Details of valid documents types will be sent to you when you sign up for a membership induction event.

3. Subscription

Makespace costs £40/month for full access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use Recurly to collect subscriptions. Details on how to set this up will also be sent to you once you sign up for the induction event. You can sign up here: https://makespace.recurly.com/subscribe/makespace-membership-full

You can begin paying at any time but you will not be a member and have access to Makespace until you have be inducted. See above.

Membership is open to individuals over the age of 18 and is for a minimum of three months. Members must abide by the Makespace Agreement and follow the Makespace Rules.