Makespace membership costs £40/month. This gives you 24/7 access to the space and all the equipment, and the money is used towards covering all the operating costs of maintaining our space and equipment.

Please note: the reason we can keep these fees so low for such an amazing space is that everything else you see is achieved through members efforts; to run the space, help train each other, keep on improving it. You aren’t required to volunteer when you become a member, but we’d really encourage you to find ways you can – its a fun thing to do and great way to meet more people or improve your skills, and its what makes the place work!

How to become a member…

1. See the Space

The first step is to come to one of our ‘See the Space’ tours to see if Makespace might be for you. These happen about once a week, and are a 25 minute tour of the facilities where you can see what we have, how we operate, and ask any questions you have about Makespace.

Our ‘See the Space’ tours are listed on our Makespace Meetup group. The next ones coming up are:


You can always email us at afterwards if there are any things you think to ask later.

2. New Members Induction

Once you have been on a Tour to see the space, and have decided that you would like to join, you are ready to begin your Induction.

Anyone wanting to become a member must have attended a ‘See the Space’ tour before they can attend a New Members Induction.

Induction involves providing some documents, ensuring you have some required accounts, and setting up payment ahead of attending a “New Members Induction” session. At this session you will be working through the requirements to join as a Makespace Member. It takes about 2 hrs and requires your full attention.

Our ‘New Member Induction’ sessions are listed on our Makespace Meetup group. The next ones coming up are:


Further details of the preparations and pre-requisites are included in the New Members Induction event description – please read and follow them all very carefully before you attend for one!

3. Now you’re a Makespace Member!

Once you have successfully completed your Induction and had your key fob activated (and only then), you are a Fully Inducted Makespace Member and free to come in to Makespace when you please!

To use particular equipment, you will need Training.

You can chat with other members in our Google Group.

You can come to our Makespace Events, or put on your own!

Now come and work on projects, meet people, hang out, help out!

Membership is open to individuals over the age of 18 and is for a minimum of three months. Members must abide by the Makespace Agreement and follow the Makespace Rules. You might find other answers in our FAQs.