Makespace Cambridge Limited’s activities provide a benefit to individuals and businesses in Cambridge, the surrounding villages and region.

Facilities, Activities and Related Benefits

Makespace manages and maintains a classroom suitable for presenting talks and hands-on group teaching; a general well-equipped workspace; a workshop for general work, metalwork and woodworking; as well as a room for craft-oriented activities and community run kitchen facilities.

This space is located near the Cambridge City Centre and anyone over eighteen years of age can join as a member. Members are required to undergo an initial induction that covers the general operation and objectives of Makespace, as well as the necessary health and safety information needed to be in the space. Members are required to undergo equipment specific inductions to use machines along with any additional health and safety requirements.

Members pay a monthly membership-fee which covers the costs of running and maintaining the space and the equipment provided, in addition to being used for improvements to the space, upgrading and acquiring new equipment. All memberships are strictly individual memberships. However, the space and facilities are available for use by local businesses through their members.

The facilities provide a hub for the Cambridge community to practice, promote and encourage members to explore science, technology, engineering, manufacturing, crafting and making.

Individuals and small business’ employees can learn new skills, design and make new things, and repair, recycle or re-purpose existing items. There are facilities to prototype ideas and manufacture new products. They have access to equipment and facilities that might otherwise be too expensive or complex to purchase and maintain themselves. They also have access to expertise from within the Makespace community (which is shared on a free, barter or commercial basis as agreed). Training and equipment instruction, provided by members of the community and external bodies, takes place on a range of business, science, manufacturing and engineering subjects.

Assets, Income and Community Support

Makespace Cambridge is registered in England as a Company Limited-by-Guarantee and operates on a strict Not-for-Profit basis. If the company makes any surplus it is used exclusively for the benefit of the Makespace community. This includes funding the future purchase, refurbishment, repair and maintenance of the equipment provided in the space and providing support to entities or activities that will benefit the community. Makespace also holds a financial reserve to ensure the continuity of the organisation – particularly in the event of Makespace Cambridge Ltd needing to move to new premises.

Event services and activities are occasionally made available to external entities on a commercial basis and are charged at market rates. All profits resulting from these activities are for the benefit of the Makespace community.

Directors do not receive remuneration for their services, either as salary or as dividends. Assets will not be disbursed for the benefit of Directors of Makespace, nor will Directors benefit from any reserves accumulated.

Assets will only be disposed of at fair market value to support upgrading equipment or replacing one type of equipment with another or with proceeds otherwise benefiting the Makespace community. Assets may also be transferred at or below their market value to other charitable, asset locked entities.

Ownership and Control

Makespace Cambridge Limited is not: an incorporated charity; a political party; a political campaigning organisation; a subsidiary of a political party; a subsidiary of a political campaigning organisation; a subsidiary of any other company.