Woodshop members Tom Herbstein, Stefan Ross, Alaric Worrod and Matt Jaworski took delivery of Makespace’s new wood lathe, disc and belt sanders!

The packaging was quickly ripped open and now all three are in place in the workshop. Have a look for yourself at the unboxing video to see what a couple of hours of lifting, grunting, swearing and bolting parts together can achieve.

What did we get?

The wood lathe is an Axminster Trade AT406WL and has variable speed control, a more powerful motor and larger capacity than the previous one.

The disc and belt sanders are larger and more robust in a concious move to upgrade the Woodshop equipment to “Trade” quality.

How did it happen?

Stefan, Matt and Allen Kaye polled members needs, identified the best lathe and wrote a short business case for investing in it, including the appropriate H&S, Training and Maintenance considerations. You can take a look at it here:

The proposal was approved by the Makespace directors and then equipment was ordered and fitted!

Tom did the same for the two sanders.

If you want to get involved in improving the woodshop further, come along to the Woodshop club meetings where all this was organised.

How do I get trained?

The training to learn from scatch or transition from the old lathe is now live:

Makespace Training

Thanks to all who made this happen, and Happy Making!

New Wood Lathe and Sanders

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