In order to maintain a high standard of facilities within a safe environment and to ensure everyone’s enjoyment, please read and observe the following membership rules:

1. General

  • 1.1 Please use the equipment safely and ensure that your behaviour in the workshops does not constitute a security or safety hazard to yourself or others in the workshop.
  • 1.2 Please report any issues with equipment on the Google Group as soon as possible, and if there are any safety or security concerns to as well.
  • 1.3 Entry to Makespace is permitted only through the main entrance door – the door directly into the main space from the outside is only for getting to the bins.
  • 1.5 Keep your personal belongings with you at all times. We recommend you do not bring any belongings of value to the facilities.
  • 1.6 If any personal property is found, please place it on the Shelf marked “lost and found”. If it looks valuable, notify Any property that is not claimed within 28 days may be donated to a charitable cause.
  • 1.7 If you are the last Member to leave a room, please ensure that you turn off the lights and any other power sockets, unless directed otherwise.

3. Workshops

  • 3.1 In the interest of safety, no person under 18 years is admitted to the workshops, classes or events without supervision of a Member or responsible adult Guest.
  • 3.2 All equipment has been designed and tested to be safe with correct use. Please ensure for your own safety that you receive full instruction before commencing your use.
  • 3.3 Equipment should be returned to its storage location or left ready for the next Member or Guest’s use and turned off at the power, unless otherwise directed.
  • 3.4 At peak times, Makespace reserves the right to limit use of particular equipment or the facilities, at their sole discretion.
  • 3.5 Members must clear away all personal belongings and property after use of equipment and bench or desk space.
  • 3.6 The Directors of Makespace and Trusted Members will be available for assistance with problems connected with the equipment, supplies of Stock and membership enquiries. They will not be available to assist Members with their individual projects.

5. Smoking and Alcohol

  • 5.1 Smoking is not permitted within the facilities.
  • 5.2 Alcohol is not permitted to be brought into the facilities, except by prior arrangement with the Directors.
  • 5.3 Members are strictly prohibited from operating any equipment whilst under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.

6. Changes to these Membership Rules

  • 6.1 Makespace reserves the right to revise and amend these Membership Rules from time to time.

7. Internet access

Makespace has internet access. Users of the internet, via Wifi or Ethernet provided in the space, must abide by the Wifi Policy.

8. Safety

Makespace is at times being improved with new equipment and facilities. The environment and facilities may change day to day as new areas are developed and new equipment brought in. This means that the risks in the space may change.

You must read the Member’s Health and Safety Briefing and abide by the instructions in it (and in any linked documents, such as the risk assessments), and if there is anything you do not fully understand about the Briefing, please contact Updates to the briefing will be posted online and notified to the Cambridge Makespace Google Group and Member’s email list.

9. Office

The Office is off-limits except for Directors and other personally authorised Trusted Members of Makespace. This is because it potentially contains sensitive information (such as membership records), important paperwork, the access control computer, and hazardous, broken or untested equipment. If in doubt, DO NOT enter the Office.

10. Access tokens and getting in and out of Makespace

Your access token lets you enter Makespace. Do not lend it to anyone or give it away – it is not transferrable to other people. If you lose your token inform as soon as possible. Do not let others follow you in if you’ve opened Makespace with your token – they need to swipe in too if they are a Member, and if they are not a Member, they are not allowed in (except to public events arranged with the knowledge of the Directors, or if you are personally escorting them as your Guest).

Generally, you need to swipe out at the internal front door of Makespace – this helps us understand how many people are using Makespace and when. DO NOT use the green break-glass unit to exit – this leaves the door open and unlocked!

You should carry your access token when in makespace. You’ll need it to answer the front door if the doorbell rings, and to get in from the shared toilet block.

11. Telephone

The telephone in Makespace is for Makespace admin and emergency use only. Don’t use it for your personal calls.

If the phone rings and you answer it, please take a message and (if it’s not spam!) mail with the info.