Open for MakerNight

Thursday 27th September was a milestone for Makespace – our first event in the space! This was Maker Night, a chance for people to show off their existing projects and share plans and ideas for new ones. For a lot of people this was also their first time in the space, with a frequent comment: “It’s so big!”

We had 80 people over the evening and it was great to see so much enthusiasm and energy.

Simon, Jonny and Laura gave a short presentation on how Makespace came to be – going all the way back to SuperHappyDevClub in 2007 for Simon, BodgeSoc in 2008 for Jonny, and Make-a-Makespace in 2010 for Laura. (The presentation is online as an SVG – which should open in Firefox, but it’s a pretty big file!)

Maker night crowd

There’s more photos on our Flickr pool.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry – we’ll be running some sort of Maker Night once a month or so until we open.

First Maker Night

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