Makespace Cambridge Limited today completed on the lease for premises at 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge.

To mark this significant step, we are issuing a press release, which says: Makespace is extremely grateful for the patience of our advisors and our enthusiastic future members, without whom we couldn’t have got this far. Many thanks are also due to the University of Cambridge for supporting us with the lease of such a perfect workshop space for a peppercorn rent. We can’t wait to fit the workshop out, build our community and start making things!

The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice that today isn’t Monday – there were some last minute delays as the University needed to secure other parts of the building before we could take possession. The final door was secured this lunchtime and the lease completed this afternoon. Yay!

We are still working on the licence to alter but with final quotes meeting the new university requirements for security coming in this shouldn’t take much longer.

It’s still possible to sign up as a Founder Member if you would like to be involved in the fitout phase and can contribute £250 up front for 6 months of membership. However, this opportunity will end on October 2nd which will be our kickoff Madespace event for Founders (see What happens next).

Press release: Premises secured

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