We’ve put a lot of thought into how Makespace should operate – learning from the experience of other spaces, talking to the community, and working through scenarios. The result is the first draft of our Guiding Principles, which sets out how we intend to work. These may change in the future – we’re going to be learning for a long time! – but this document sets out what we think is important, and these principles will guide our decisions in the coming months. There’s a lot of unknowns in what we’re doing, and it’s much easier to have some principles by which we can apply to problems as they arise, than to try to plan everything out in advance.

We’d welcome any feedback you might have – do comment below, or email us at info at makespace.org !  Do bear in mind this is our first draft, so if anything is unclear or seems really wrong, please let us know and don’t panic 🙂

Introducing our Guiding Principles

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