Finally, it seems like the list of things that need to be sorted before the lease can be signed is quite finite and comparatively short!

Since the last update, we’ve filed our first VAT return (for a refund, yay) and we have a timescale to get a date when the lease should be signed.  When I meet the Estates Management team next Wednesday to prepare the Schedule of Condition, they will be able to give me the date. Fingers crossed! And toes…

So, in place of the usual update, here are the last things we need to get in place before the lease can be signed:

  • A few changes to lease wording, such as not requiring us to repaint at the end of the lease, not requiring all the windows (most of which are inaccessible skylights) to be cleaned monthly, and so on. Also, removal of a clause which contradicts another part of the documentation, around whether or not we are allowed to put up a sign outside the space.
  • A final version of the floor plan showing Makespace space, shared space, and space we have a licence to use. It exists, just waiting for it to be sent over.
  • An estimate of the Service Charge for the space. The University’s calculations are partially complete and just need finishing.
  • A final confirmation of any buildings insurance costs. The insurance office is working on this as I type.
  • The Schedule of Condition, setting out the state of the space as it is now, which we will be required to return it to at the end of the lease. I’ll be taking lots of photos (of the bare wire ends, holes and so on!) next Wednesday for this.
  • A final statement of how the charges for lighting, heating, electricity, and water will work. It’s a fun combination of meters and proportional charges, with a meter to be fitted to the three-phase power, but the lighting charges proportionate, and so on.
  • A final schedule of works – we’ve got some drafts, but need to tidy them up and make sure they contain enough information for the Licence To Alter, but not too much information which might restrict what we could do later. I’m hoping to get away without needing drawings showing the kitchen layout and so on. As all the works we’re talking about are basically surface works with no structural alterations this should be easy…
  • The asbestos report, which exists, but I’ve not seen it yet
  • The Energy Performance Certificate, which was recently prepared
  • Any certification around the aircon units in the space. This is fun because air con needs to be certified according to the 2011 building regulations, but the units in our space apparently were fitted without the university asset register, or maintenance department, knowing anything about them. So perhaps they are unchecked…

So, not too much left!

Next up I’m paying our most recent solicitor’s bill, and getting ready to confirm and start our insurance cover (which requires various checks, a walk-through of the space, as well as payment).

It’s the final countdown

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