Covid-19 Status and Rules

Makespace and Biomakespace are open for GENERAL ACCESS. This means group activities and events will be allowed again, and limits on room numbers will be lifted – including allowing guests.

Masks are optional but recommended. Please observe social distancing where possible, and we encourage you to wear a mask where this is not possible. For example, we’d expect Masks to be used for training and any classroom event with more than a small number of people. Ultimately, please be considerate of others.

Here are more details of the covid rules:

  • DO NOT ENTER if you have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • DO NOT ENTER if you have experienced COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days
  • Notify Makespace if you develop COVID-19 after a visit
  • Please clean all surfaces, equipment and PPE used during your visit
  • Doors should stay open at all times and the Mainspace extraction fan on
  • Makespace is now covered by 24/7 CCTV recording. If you wish to report unsafe working or inappropriate behaviour, please email

Guests are allowed

In-person events are allowed

Makespace Covid-19 Response Activities

While we were closed, Makespace and its amazing community of volunteers undertook a range of activities to help in this crisis. Here is a record of some of the Covid Response Activities members undertook during 2020.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who made our Covid Response Activities possible, and to our sponsors Arm, TTP and Amazon who helped us cover the costs – read more here.

Makespace has engaged with the relevant medical and technical teams at Addenbrooke’s hospital as well as other groups to understand how the Makespace community and facilities can offer support.

A number of projects and volunteer requests have emerged, and more will come. We encourage all Makespace members to consider participating remotely in Covid-19 related support activities. Keep an eye on the cammakespace newsgroup and the cammakespace twitter feed for news, announcements and requests.

Here are some of the bigger projects we’re working on:

Makespace Visors

A significant project that has been using Makespace facilities and a huge team of Makespace volunteers is the design and production of PPE Visors for Addenbrooke’s and other local healthcare centres.

For more information on this activity, see Makespace Visor

Makespace Mask Clips

Makespace supported Addenbrooke’s by developing, manufacturing and documenting a design for Mask Clips to help surgical masks fit better and to cope with the strain of wearing for prolonged periods.

For more information on this activity, see Makespace Mask Clips

Makespace Masks

Makespace has worked to identify a suitable barrier mask design, and is now providing kits for free to allow you to make them at home.

For more information on this activity, see Makespace Mask Kits