Makespace Mask Kit

This page captures information about the Makespace Mask Kit activity undertaken by Makespace during May-July 2020.

Mask kits were made available for free to anyone who wanted to make their own. In the end, we sent out 2,000 mask kits, enough to make 10,000 reusable face masks!

This page remains as a record of the activity.


As lockdown starts easing up and people become more free to move around, wearing a face mask will become a way to help limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Whilst there are many mask options, a reusable cloth mask has the advantage that it can be washed with boiling water or in the washing machine and reused day after day – unlike disposable or non-washable options. With the right pattern and materials, they are also suitable for making yourself.

Makespace has worked to identify a good design for a reusable cloth mask, and a team of amazing Makespace volunteers are now creating and packing kits of materials to be sent out to anyone in the local area who wants to make their own.

These kits will be provided free of charge – consider it a thank you for doing your bit.


The design style chosen was selected by drawing on the great skills and analysis work done by the Helpful Engineering team, and is based on a design recommended by the AFNOR Covid-19 Barrier Mask report. We’ve taken this and iterated it to make it neater, include adjustable straps and different sizes.

It is made of washable 120 thread cotton poplin, with shaping and a metal nose former and adjustable elastic straps to ensure a good fit.

Pattern & Instructions

The pattern, construction instructions and usage guide are provided in the kit, but also published here; feel free to use them for making masks using your own materials!

Here is a rough video of the construction to help too:

Note: This video follows v1.1 of the construction instructions that are slightly simpler than v1.0. We’ll publish the v1.1 Instructions PDF soon.

Makespace Mask Kit

The mask kit provides the materials, patterns and instructions to make 5 masks, and includes patterns for both adult and child sizes. Although the mask could theoretically be stitched by hand, it is expected a sewing machine will be used.

The kit contains:

  • 120 thread cotton poplin material for the outer layers
  • 120 thread cotton poplin material for the inner layers
  • 5 bendable metal nose formers to help with snug fit
  • Elastic to make 5 sets of straps
  • 20 beads
  • Pattern (Large/Adult&Teenager, Small/Child)
  • Construction and usage guide

Please note that thread and a sewing machine are not provided!

Covid-19 Barrier Mask Risk Statement

This mask is not a substitute for a clinical-grade respirator or mask. The wearing of this Barrier Face Mask will not guarantee that you won’t catch Covid-19. 

While masks of this type cannot stop all particles carrying viruses, they are effective at capturing droplets, larger particles, and at reducing instances of the wearer touching their face. 

They are also effective at reducing the number of virus-carrying droplets and particles that a pre or asymptomatic Covid-19 sufferer wearing a Barrier Mask might discharge into the air and so protecting others.

Ordering Kits

Kits are available for free to postcodes within the local area. 

All kits have now been requested and sent out!

Kits have been put together by our amazing community of Makespace volunteers.

All materials and postage costs are currently being paid for by Makespace, with help from sponsors Arm, TTP and Amazon. We are seeking donations towards covering the costs of this and our other Covid-19 response activities. There is absolutely no obligation, but if you would like to donate, please see:

Support, Questions and Requests

Please direct any mask related questions or requests to:

To read more about what Makespace is doing or volunteer to help with Makespace Covid-19 Response Activities, please see our Covid-19 Response page.

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