Thanks to everyone’s diligence Makespace being open for “Equipment Access” has gone very well. There have been many projects restarted and some completed. Improvements to the space and equipment continue.

We are now pleased to share that from the 7th of September Makespace is opening further to “Limited Access.”  The tables and classroom will be avaiable for design and preparation work.  Additionaly training and inductions will also restart.

Please do keep your visits to the time needed to complete your projects safely. 6 people at any time are allowed in the main space, 2 in the wood shop, 1 in the metal shop, 2 in the craft room, 4 in the classroom and 1 in the kitchen.  16 in total in Makespace at any time.

One question we have seen a lot is “how do I know if I can come in?”. There is now an experimental activity counter visible at which shows how many people are in the space. You can use it to plan accordingly. 

All the normal safety measures are still a core part of how Makespace operates.  There must be two people in the Space if you are working in the secure workshop and safety glasses must be worn. Equipment must be monitored appropriately.

Online training is now available

The owners and trainers have been using their time away from the workbenches well. Training and new member inductions will also restart on 7th of September.  Training will now comprise  instruction in Google classrooms and a shorter practical demonstration with a trainer at the equipment.  You can learn more at the Red Equipment Training page.

Inductions will also begin again in September.  Places will be limited but we have had a lot of interest in joining from the many volunteers who helped with the COVID19 response activities.  Please watch Meetup and Twitter for See the Space announcements.

Back to Normal

Given the success of the opening so far, our ability to re-start training and inductions, and of course the need to cover our operating costs, we also plan to end the membership holiday on the 7th September and restart membership payments. You’ll be pleased to know we managed to secure a small COVID grant that helped towards our costs whilst there was no money coming in, so we have limited the impact. Combined with the great things that were going on in the space during this time, we feel pretty fortunate of how limited the impact on Makespace has been, and how much we have all been able to help – a great result all round!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions (

We Are Open

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