Made in Makespace- Claudia

Claudia Flandoli is an Italian Cartoonist who writes comic books for young teenagers aged 10 – 14. Claudia moved to Cambridge four years ago; finding life in the UK difficult, she discovered Makespace which changed her life for the better.

Claudia was looking for a social workspace due to her freelance lifestyle leaving her rather isolated. She discovered Makespace online, and explained how the price was particularly appealing to her due to the expensiveness of Cambridge. Claudia enjoys working alongside other people, stating it was different to the formal setting of people typing on computers.

Claudia- wearing an outfit designed and made in Makespace!

Sewing and stitching have been a hobby of Claudia’s since she was eight. She now runs inductions on the sewing machine and makes her own personal projects such as toy superheroes and door holders which are dotted around her home; the dress that she is wearing below was also a Makespace creation! Claudia also sited that the space, long tables and extensive tools and equipment was helpful when trying the sketch and then prototype her designs.

‘It had an impact on my life – I started off coming two days a week and now I come every day!’

The Wood Workshop is something Claudia is keen to explore in the future. Using it only briefly before, she felt as though she got a lot of ‘emotional help’ when using the equipment as it can be dangerous, especially as a beginner. Claudia cited that members who helped her in the workshop were kind, patient and put her at ease.

Claudia later confessed that she is ‘in love’ with Makespace and always invites her friends to see her latest projects and all the equipment on offer. The focus on the University aspect of Cambridge left Claudia feeling rather lonely and she struggled to create contacts and friends in the city; since joining Makespace she can enjoy living in Cambridge while meeting like-minded people on a daily basis.

Claudia concludes that Makespace had ‘an impact on her life’ and after joining eight months ago, she began coming two days a week; now, she is here almost every day and completely loves it.

We wish Claudia the very best with all her future projects! 

Made in Makespace- Claudia
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