Flit Ebikes talk & test ride

Now all done with their prototyping and testing stages Flit Ebikes has launched its Kickstarter and welcomed the Makespace community to be part of a test ride and talks.  

Specialising in those commuting to and from the city, the Ebike folds quickly and is light-weight- allowing you to move around conveniently, be it on the train or the road. The battery will allow for you to travel 30-50 Km, obviously depending on how you cycle and the terrain. However, you can ride the bike without the motor for any extra exercise you need during the week, but the helpful battery gives you the rest you need after a long days work.

As we all know Makespace has little to no parking, therefore many members cycle their bikes around town and to the space, as is the custom in Cambridge. Flit Ebike is just an example of how they have taken a problemsuch as parking space and commuters to Cambridge and found a solution. The talk also highlighted the trial and error stage of the creation process, something many creators are familiar with. This processor saw them tweak parts of the bike to make it more user friendly, such as wheel size or having numbers on the saddle bar so when you unfold your bike you know what height to have your saddle at.

We high commended Fint Ebikes for their hard work creating these user friendly and diverse Ebikes, and thank them for allow our members the opportunity to test ride one!

Flit Ebikes talk & test ride
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