The last 2 months since we opened have been a whirlwind of activity as more makers have arrived, more equipment has been installed, and our events programme has filled up.

A particular highlight has been the creation of Family Makers , but we’ve also seen the creation of a Raspberry Pi focussed meetup in collaboration with OpenDCU, and a Student Society. Of course we also have regular “see the space” evenings, where potential new members can have a look around, and a plethora of training events for members to learn about equipment – check our Meetup group for upcoming events.

We are up to over 120 members, which is great; and we’re learning a lot about how to make an efficient and effective “on ramp” for people finding out about, and joining, the community. We’re still iterating and making it better!

The space has been busy a lot of the time, with members working on hobby projects, ideas for new businesses, and startup prototypes. We’ve been delighted to have some of the Springboard IOT accelerator participants working out of the space and designing, building and testing their hardware.


Some of the new equipment highlights follow.

The glass kiln and accessories:

Glass kiln and other glasswork equipment

The Roland CNC Mill:



A variety of hand tools and manual equipment:

measuring tools

A larger (!) pillar drill:

Pillar Drill

A mitre saw:

mitre saw

More consumables:


The CNC Router:

CNC router starts cutting name badges

CNC router starts cutting name badges

We’ve also had some new decoration creeping in:

space invaders

So overall the space is looking good and getting busy, which is exactly what we all want to see 🙂

main space

2 months in…

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