* We are up to 53 (yes, fifty-three!) paid-up Founder Members. Many thanks everyone – your support is incredibly helpful to getting Makespace up and running

* Access control is now installed! Founder Members will start to get their access tokens and sign the membership agreement next week.

* Maker Night last night was a great success

* Two dates for your diary in 2013: January 15th, for an Open Evening to introduce people to Makespace; and a yet-to-be-confirmed date in February, which will be our Opening Day

Around 20 Founders plus over 20 others visited Makespace last night for Maker Night. We had an incredible evening, with the first 3D printed object Made in Makespace, and all kinds of projects underway: novel lights, Raspberry Pi work, science exhibits from Cambridge Science Centre, bike hacking, knitting, electronics, and lots of conversations about making.

Maker Night Nov2012


First 3D-printed object: a component lead bending jig! Many thanks to Kim Spence-Jones for the printer, and Roger for the printing!


Many more photos in our Flickr Pool.

With membership agreements, some rules and guidelines and health and safety policies in place, and finally access control (commissioned today) we are ready to open up to Founder Members and we’ll be exchanging membership agreements for access control tokens from Monday. This is a huge step for Makespace, enabling the space to be used by Founders and to start to develop more quickly. (If you like documents, the ones for Founders are here.)

We’re also able to start planning how we get from Making Makespace to having a fully open Makespace. Because December is pretty tricky for organising things, we’re going to have our Open Evening on January 15th – this is when we’ll get lots of makers in the space to show everyone what Makespace will be like. It will also be a chance for the press and potential sponsors to see what’s coming. We don’t have a fixed opening day yet – that’s the day when we start to take on normal Members – but it will be in February. Watch this space!

Maker Night & timeline to opening