Although some modest progress was made after we got the photos taken, unfortunately the Estates management team were unable to pull together all the information needed for the lease before our contact went on holiday (he’s away last week and this week).  So we’ll be doing the wrap up of info next week. Unfortunately then the University lawyer is away, so we’ll have to have everything ready for when he gets back, and then it’s over to the Registry for signing. I suspect this is end july / early August, but clearly it’s foolish to get too optimistic.

Many apologies for the continuing delay.  If we’d had any idea when we had the lease kickoff meeting with the University  on August 2nd last year that we’d still be here 12 months later, and not the 2 months the university said it would take to get the lease sorted, we’d’ve figured out an alternative plan…

Also, we had a pubmeet and there’s even evidence! Julian is working on ideas for outreach and doing some market research in schools in the East of England, and we’re also looking at drafting another submission to the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Ingenious outreach support programme (our third).

Argh… more delay

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