Some less good news and some good news!

First of all, the less good. The university’s estates department restructuring plus cautiously-paced legal process mean it’s now pretty much impossible for us to have the lease completed before Christmas. 🙁

However: the space will be cleared by the end of this week, meaning we can finally get access for pre-lease fit out work. An example of this would be that although the space has been in use until recently, there was no fire detection fitted. We’ll need to get that done asap, as it’s essential before we can let the public in. Once this (and a few other bits and pieces) are sorted out, we expect to be able to use the main space on licence for an event or two during December, so everyone can see the space and discuss plans. And fingers crossed for the lease to complete in January.

In the meantime, a reminder of all the places on the internet where Makespace lives:

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