How it works

Makespace uses a combination of online instruction and a practical demonstration in order to ensure that all members have through understanding of the equipment and safety measures.  The way is works is you first chose the equipment on which are considering training.  There is a short introduction, then a review of the general Makespace safety information and explications of how to use the equipment.  When you are familiar with the equipment operation there will be a short quiz.  When you have passed that you can schedule a practical demonstration with a trainer at the equipment.

The online courses typically take from 30 to 60 min to review. The practical demonstrations will take from 30 to 90 min depending on the nature of the equipment.

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At the botton of this page is a link to the Equipment pages where you can find information about the equipment and a link to the training courses.

Do the Online Course

Makespace Safety Induction training.

Every time you train on red equipment you will need to demonstrate your understanding of being safe in the Makespace. This is a repetition of what you were shown in your original Makespace induction. This is so important to all of our safety that we really want to drive home all the aspects of Makespace safety on repeated occasions. So it is included as a per-requisite for all training on any red equipment. When you have reviewed the training material, complete the Makespace Safety Induction Quiz. You must achieve a 100% score to qualify for face to face training. You can have as many attempts as you need to pass the Quiz. A record of the attempts you make will be recorded for your trainer to review

Equipment Training

The equipment training material will train you in all of the aspects of it use. It starts with an introduction to the tool and what it can do; equipment and workshop safety (if it needs to be used in the workshop), how to use the equipment and what will be required when you meet the trainer for the practical test. The training material comprises Slides, links to YouTube videos, sections of the Makespace wiki, external web pages and quizzes. The quizzes test your understanding of the equipment and how to use it safely in particular. Again, you need to score 100% on the quizzes with the opportunity to repeat them if you need.

If you need help or clarification with the training, use the Stream on the Google Classroom to pose a question. You may find an answer in the conversations already recorded there.

Complete the Online Quiz

At the end of each course there will be a short quiz. The questions are there to ensure that you have a good understanding of the safe and effective operation of the equipment.

Please take the quiz, check your score and note which questions you got wrong. Review the course material and retake the quiz. You must score 100% on all the quizzes before moving to the next step.

When you have completed the training and have finished the quizzes successfully then contact the trainer to set up a practical test. The trainer can be contacted on

Do the practical test

When you have completed you quiz information about how to schedule you practical demo will be available to you.

During the practical your trainer will review the online training material with you, any difficult questions from the quizzes and answer any questions you may have. They will guide you through the practical test you need to perform and then observe you completing it. They may ask additional questions to validate that you can operate the equipment safely. Once you have passed the test, they will ask you to complete a Google Form to record it. Then you are qualified!

Some upcoming Practical tests are listed at meet-up:

After the training

It is strongly recommended you take time to use the equipment in the 2 weeks following the training. This will cement all that you have learned on line and give you more practical experience. The training is primarily designed to enable you to gain this practical experience safely. You will only really know how to use the equipment after you have spent sufficient time using it. You can contact the trainers and/or refer back to the training material should you have further questions.

To start your training go to the Equipment page of the tool on which you want to use.

On the menu on the left part of the screen, click on the name of the equipment then on the “Training” link, second link, just after “Trouble Tickets” link.