Expanding The Makespace Cambridge Ltd Board

Makespace is seeking to expand its board and management to support the continued growth of the Makespace community. 

Makespace is a hub for the Cambridge community to practice, promote and encourage members to explore science, technology, engineering, manufacturing, crafting and making. It is a membership organisation managed by its members for the benefit of its members.

Although the day-to-day activities in Makespace are run by the members, Makespace Cambridge Ltd,  is responsible for the environment in which these activities take place.  Makespace Cambridge Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and as such it has no owners other than its members.  It is governed by a Board of Directors who are all members. The Ltd company and the Board are responsible for the lease of the space, providing tools and infrastructure, insurance, and the safety system.   More information is available in the Makespace Community Interest Statement


Makespace has grown considerably since its opening in 2013 with only 100 members. We are now a community of 380+ active members and over 1,200 alumni.   

The space on Mill Lane is 4,000 Sqft offering a classroom suitable for presenting talks and hands-on group teaching; a general well-equipped workspace; a workshop for general work, metalwork and woodworking; as well as a room for craft-oriented activities and a community run kitchen.

The Makespace Cambridge Ltd Board currently comprises 5 members down from 8 in 2022.  Delivery of Makespace’s activities are done by self-appointed members of groups like the Trainers & Maintainers, some of which are authorised by the Board to deliver training and maintain equipment. 

The Ask

We are seeking additional board members.  Board members will have  been an active member of Makespace for 1 year and remain a member during their time on the board.  It is a voluntary role; directors do not receive remuneration for their services.  

The board meets once a month and confers as required by responsibilities and issues arising.  The overall time commitment will vary greatly depending on the specific tasks board members assume, but it is expected that board members will contribute 4-8 hours a week as an example.  

The objectives of the board in the coming periods include:

  • Updating the governance structure of the board and management to accommodate the expanding membership and scope of activities.
  • Considering, planning, and executing expansions of Makespace’s  offers  
  • Continuing to improve the safety and training systems.
  • Other initiatives as introduced by the Membership.

The Board Role

Makespace Cambridge Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and the board members are the directors of this not-for-profit company (Company number 07459770). We are responsible for ensuring Makespace is run appropriately, following the legal, governance and financial requirements for UK companies.  This includes managing and reporting on our finances, ensuring we are trading responsibly and legally, managing risks (both ensuring long term sustainability of the space, and specific safety and related matters), etc. As a Director, you will take on specific legal responsibilities as you would for any other Director position in the UK – you can learn more here: https://www.gov.uk/running-a-limited-company.

As well as the more general responsibility of ensuring Makespace runs in a sustainable, safe, and effective manner, board members undertake very specific tasks collectively and individually.  Not everyone on the board does each of the tasks listed below, but all board members have an obligation to ensure all tasks are done.  The board is responsible for:

Health and safety

  • Ensure that Makespace is a safe place for its members and guests 
  • Contribute to, approve, and maintain general policies, risk assessments and documentation 
  • Review the premises, equipment, and activity with respect to fitness for purpose and safety  
  • Commission equipment by reviewing, risk assessments, maintenance, and training  
  • Ensuring safety and fire measure are followed e.g. fire extinguishers and alarms are tested

Accounting and Governance 

  • Ensuring day-to-day accounts and management accounts are current and accurate 
  • Meet reporting requirements such as VAT, corporation tax, companies house returns and other requests for information are complete, correct and filled 
  • Reviewing spend, management of assets to safeguard financial resources of Makespace so that it can meet its current and future goals
  • Manage relationships with suppliers and stakeholders including leases, health & safety documentation, facilities, and equipment maintenance. 
  • Sharing relevant financial info with the Makespace community
  • Holding timely meetings and communications to keep the Board and management informed 
  • Managing/handling serious problems (safety, community complaints etc)

Future planning 

  • Leading the community in forward planning, updates to policy and resource allocation
  • Determining the future goals and objectives of Makespace with respect to its members and the broader Cambridge community 
  • Motivating people and organisations in and around Makespace to support and actively contribute to our aims.    
  • Representing and promoting Makespace to stakeholders, sponsors the media and in relevant networking activities

How to Stand for the Board

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please send the following items to directors@makespace.org.:

  1. a CV (so we can understand your experience and training) 
  2. a short statement detailing why you would like to join the board and how you would be a valuable board member. 

Shortlisted candidates will be informed by email and invited to an interview with the Board.