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Talks and presentations

Our talks and presentations can range from cyber security, new technologies and how to use equipment.

Sunday Sessions – Specially designed monthly mornings to get children leaning, building and playing.

We have several regular tech events:

Coderdojo – A coding workshop for young people (aged 7-17yrs old) of all abilities. Come along to learn something new and have fun!

Raspberry Pi-makers – Whether you’re a guru or an interested beginner, you’ll be welcome! Not just for Raspberry Pi-ers; Arduino and other embedded-type projects also welcome.

DroidScript – Wanting to learn how to use droidscript in your projects? Whether it’s for Arduino, Espruino or BBC micro;bit, we are here to help!

Robot club – Our Robot club is for beginners & pros, all we require is a love for robots. Welcome to bring new projects, old projects and completed projects, to show off and learn.

Please Note: all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult!