“People come to Makespace for the equipment, they stay for the people”

We are proud of the community that we are building.


Join our group on Meetup to browse and get involved in our events. So far over 2700 people have joined the Makespace group.


Follow us on twitter for weekly updates on what is happening at makespace.


We have a set of guidelines for members that we’d like you to follow that helps to make the shared space work well. It’s not an exhaustive or rule book and we’d hope that our members use their common sense and decency in working together

Founder members

Makespace was founded with the support of 64 Founder Members, who paid £250 before Makespace was open, in exchange for 6 months of membership including early access to the space and involvement in planning and building the space and community. We are very grateful to all the Founder Members who made Makespace possible and who helped shape the space, kit and community. A full list of Founder Members is on display at Makespace.

Community Interest Statement

Makespace and the facilities and activities that it offers provided to benefit the Members and the Cambridge maker community.
See the Makespace Community Interest Statement.