We’re excited to announce that Biomakespace is merging with Makespace, and from January 1st 2021, a single membership will give you access to both facilities.

Biomakespace, the Community Biolab on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, provides access to biology and prototyping space and has pioneered access to experimental biology and fabrication tools focused on scientific and biotech applications. 

Makespace, in the centre of Cambridge, provides access to space and equipment ranging from Laser Cutters and 3D Printers to Sewing Machines and Fine Metalwork, and has an extensive membership using it for all sorts of personal and commercial activities. 

By merging these two organisations, we are able to offer a single £40/month membership that gives access to the combined facilities and capabilities, and to join forces in the ways we run and improve the spaces. 

But perhaps more exciting is the prospect of bringing together the two communities; opening up new opportunities for biologists, engineers, technologists and artists to meet, learn, share, collaborate and socialise in a creative and safe environment.

From January 2021, we’ll also be restarting tours so that existing Makespace members can learn more about the Biomakespace biolabs, and Biomakespace members can learn more about the Makespace workshops. For those interested, appropriate inductions and training will be available to get access to the new capabilities. 

Bringing together bio and tech will strengthen cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange and collaboration in Cambridge. We’re really proud that the Makespace and Biomakespace organisations have been able to succeed in Cambridge, and them coming together means Cambridge now has an even more unique resource. It also sets up the potential for an even more amazing future! 

We’ll be opening our doors to new members in the new year too, so spread the word.

If you have any questions, please email us at management@makespace.org

Biomakespace and Makespace merge!

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