Simon, Laura and I met about a couple of months ago, and amongst other things we agreed that we think it would really help Makespace to run well if we contracted someone part time to facilitate the volunteers at Makespace.

The idea here is to ensure that the volunteers (including us, the directors!) spend the time they invest in Makespace doing the things they’re best at. This is especially important in order to help free up exec and director time for promoting Makespace, planning for the future and preparing for a move to a new space (no, we don’t know where yet!)

We’ve had some discussion about this on the mailing list, and a lot of input from members about what the job spec should look like, (see here for the discussion on the mailing list) – thanks for all the input. I think what we have written sets out an excellent opportunity for the right person:

We are seeking a part-time Makespace Administrator to provide key operational support to Makespace.

There are two major aspects to this: firstly, supporting volunteers and helping make sure Makespace runs smoothly day-to-day. Secondly, evaluating and optimising our current administrative processes to build a solid foundation for future growth. You will enable the Makespace community to achieve our goals and ensure that volunteers can do what they do best: specialist tasks including member and kit inductions, equipment maintenance and hosting events.

If you think this sounds like you, or someone you know, take a look and share the page below:

Recruiting an administrator

I’ve had a lot of members approach me in the space since we proposed this excited about when this person might start, and I’m personally looking forward to seeing more time spent on making Makespace run well. I can’t wait!

We’re looking for an administrator to work at Makespace